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Dell Technical Support number

Dell Technical Support


Over a period of a long time, the battery of a laptop tends to wear down. Same is the case with Dell laptops. Known for their better shelf life and high quality, this company start to cause battery related troubles to the users. Blame your Dell battery for overheating or the slow running of your laptop. In this blog, you will get to know about the troubleshooting steps for battery issues. If you don’t want to perform and need an instant solution, then try taking help from Dell Customer Care , where the professionals will guide you with a quick solution.


Many issues might occur due to a faulty battery, being a responsible users, you must regularly service your laptop and check for the battery performance status from time to time. Users often complain about the Dell laptop being plugged into a power source but not charging. With the given steps you can fix common battery issues.


Symptoms of Battery issues


  • Battery not getting charged
  • Even the charger is connected, the indicator light does not illuminate
  • PC not recognizing the battery
  • Charging is stuck at a certain percentage
  • Overheating battery

Troubleshooting Dell laptop battery issues


  • Check the charger:before initiating any troubleshooting steps, check your laptop charger, in fact, it may be the actual culprit to blame for the battery issue. Try to get a new charger for better performance
  • Replace the battery:If your laptop is too old, try to replace the battery by getting a new one according to your model.
  • Don’t be a computer doctor yourself:even for smallest issues, there is no need to open the battery and try to fix it, this may make the battery faulty.
  • Avoid using the laptop while connected to the charger:you must make sure to never use the laptop while on charging. Give it some rest to charge adequately.

These common troubleshooting steps will fix any issue related to the battery. Although if you need assistance from the experts, try getting in touch with Dell customer support number that stays accessible all day long. The technicians will provide all-round support for the issue.


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